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Physical, sexual and psychological aggression. This is the reality of so many of so many Brazilian women. The hole is deep, the suffering is immense, and many fall into a deep depression. Others, fortunately, find the strength and help to get up and move on.

This book tells the story of Ângela, a woman who grew up in poverty in the northeastern Brazil, who has suffered a series of violence and difficulties in her life. Her mother used to beg for food in the street markets to have something to eat in the evening.

Angela’s life lacked many things, except hope. For a better life, a decent home and a true love. That’s why she set her mind on a goal and walked the path to the end, in search of it.

The reader has the opportunity to dive into a cruel and forgotten reality of the dry and hot northeastern Brazil. A realistic, intimate story that reveals warrior women who gave their best and lived intensely.

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